Frequently Asked Questions

Hubb is cloud software for growing companies to manage employees, HR related issues, time and expense reporting and tracking and for effective collaboration with employees.

Our goal is to make an easy to use Cloud software available to small and growing companies so that they can compete well in their respective industries.

We are expecting to release more services in the near future. Vendor Management, Invoice Management, Talent Management, Employee Self-service among others. Stay tuned for more details.

Do you have more employees in your company than just yourselves?

If you answered YES to this question: Hubb is for you. Hubb Workforce Management is cloud software for growing companies to manage workforce, HR related issues, time & expense reporting.

Do you have vendors that invoice you on a regular basis?

If you answered YES to this question: Hubb is for you. Hubb Vendor Management helps you manage your vendors, their invoices. Both you and your vendor have complete visibility in terms of invoice due dates and payment terms and invoice payments.

Our goal is to make an easy to use Cloud software available to small and growing companies so that they can compete well in their respective industries.

Yes, there is. It is our Startup plan. Refer to our pricing page for more details. Startup plan offers all the features of a growth plan or a standard plan. As long as you are under 10 employees, we consider you a start up and our product is free to use. Best part is, no Credit Card is required for you to sign up.

No, Hubb does not need a credit card for sign up. You can simply signup with your Name, Company Name and Email address.

Yes it is absolutely the same product. All plans have access to the same functionality. However, Startup and Growth plans have limitations on how many employees you could create. For example, in Startup plan, you can create up to 10 employees and 10 users. Similarly, there are other limitations on how many of certain objects you can create, but there is no difference in functionality between the various plans.

We believe that startups need some of these basic tools to run their companies hassle free. We want them to be focused on their core business. However, as you saw in our pricing page, Hubb is not Free for everyone. If you are above 10 users, you will have to migrate to a Growth plan or a Standard plan.

Though there are paid plans, we wanted to keep the pricing so affordable that everybody wants to use Hubb.

OFFER: If you think that you want to be in the Growth plan or Standard plan and not want to pay since you are still growing, talk to us. We can come up with something.

Some companies might just need the Work Force Management module and some might just need the Vendor Management piece. We did not want to bundle both as we wanted to offer a la-carte pricing so that you have the choice to pick what you want to use.

BTW - All of our customers have access to all modules for Free (the startup plan).

Beta was offered till Dec-31-2015. After the beta ended, all customers are moved into a Free “Startup” plan. Refer to our pricing page to see what is part of the Startup plan. No Credit Card is required for sign up.

You could add external users to approve / reject timesheets. Eg: Clients that you do work for and need approval of time and expenses. These users can get into Hubb using a link sent by you. They are not counted as additional users in Hubb. They can simply click the link and get into hubb to approve/reject time and expenses in a secure way.

We take security very seriously and as a priority #1. We follow a set of practices, policies and technologies to keep your data in Hubb secure. All your data is communicated securely using a HTTPS connection. is a secure and authentic website validated by Comodo CA Ltd.

As part of our customer success program, we can offer to import up to 100 employees into the application for free. You could send their data in a CSV format and we can upload that data into Hubb.

We use BrainTree for credit card processing. BrainTree is a payment gateway from Paypal. If you see on your Amex credit card statement, you will see an update specifying “Hubb Ventures” as the merchant on your statement within 7 days. For more information on this goto: Also for detailed billing information, go to your billing page on

Currently the beta is stated to go until Dec-31-2015. We may extend the beta or reduce the beta time if we have enough customers that sign up for beta.

Once we close the beta, all new users will be paid users.

You can create as many users as you would like during Beta. All Beta customers can continue to add as many users as they need post Beta. Customers signing up post Beta will get 10 users for Free. For additional users please refer to our pricing page.

Vendor Management and Invoice management are currently in a private beta and will shortly be available for public Beta to give a valued Beta to our customers. Stay tuned for updates.

As a Beta customer you can add as many employees as you want. A Beta user can continue to add / manage any number of employees. Users signing up post Beta will be able to add / manage employees based on the plan subscribed. For more information please visit our pricing page